Rent an exceptional drum set for your recording sessions, concerts or residencies? it’s now possible at Drum Accessories.

It’s with great pleasure that we present you the monster that we offer for rent right now:


A drum set from the mythical French brand with a huge sound! With its “tolex” black vinyl finish, like the Fender guitar amps, it has a crazy look and a very rich sound range, hyper versatile thanks to its maple shells. It is waiting for you to serve your projects with mastery!

Dimensions: BD 22″x16” – FT 16″ -T12″ – Snare Simone 14″x6,5″ Black Satin Vintage (snare also available separately)

Original Ludwig vintage hardware included, including 2 straight cymbal stands, 1 ride stand, 1 snare stand. Round throne seat, Tama Iron Cobra 200 single pedal, Premier vintage hi-hat stand. Hardcases also included.

Another snares drums are also available for rent:

-TAMA ARTWOOD CUSTOM TITANIUM BURST SNARE, all maple shell, 14”x6,5” for a fat and modern sound.

-LUDWIG VINTAGE SUPRAPHONIC SNARE 70’s, 14”x5” for a powerful vintage sound.

Prices and conditions on request via the contact form.

Somes cymbals are also available for rent:

  • Zildjian K Sweet Series set (hh 15″ – crashes 17″/19″ – ride 21″)

Rates and conditions on request via the contact form

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