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  • 2box – Speedlight Electronic Drumkit

    2box – Speedlight Electronic Drumkit Superb electronic drum that 2box offers us: game comfort and realism are at the rendezvous! This kit takes advantage of the top-of-the-range Drumit3 module with multiple incredible functions, including an absolutely crazy sounds quality. The kit also offers a hi-hat stand with an adapted pad, which is extremely rare in […]

  • 2box- DrumIt Three – Drum Module

    2box- DrumIt Three – Drum Module 2box knows how to do it in terms of module for triggers. E-drum lovers, this is an exceptional model made for you: 24bit, drums sounds to die hard realism, 15 inputs … this machine is absolutely incredible! Specifications: 44,1 kHz Sample rate with 24 bit digital to analog converters […]

  • Alesis – Crimson II – Electronic drumkit

    Alesis – Crimson II – Electronic kit Alesis offers here an electronic battery with an impressive value for money for this mid-range equipment, which will satisfy lovers of meshs and modules. A great alternative to products of the same type at Roland! Spécifications: 8″ Mesh Kick Pad 12″ Dual-Zone Mesh Snare Pad (2) 8″ Dual-Zone […]

  • Alesis Strike Multipad

    Alesis Strike Multipad We thought that Roland was alone in the world with the SPD SX multipad, but that was without counting on Alesis. This multipad, freshly released, is a jewel with incredible features, a huge library of amazing sounds, a breathtaking sample editor, all with bright pads to identify sounds launched. To test urgently! […]