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2box- DrumIt Three – Drum Module

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2box- DrumIt Three – Drum Module

2box knows how to do it in terms of module for triggers. E-drum lovers, this is an exceptional model made for you: 24bit, drums sounds to die hard realism, 15 inputs … this machine is absolutely incredible!


44,1 kHz Sample rate with 24 bit digital to analog converters
4 GB sound memory
15 universal trigger inputs configured as kick, snare with rim, 4 toms with rim, 1 Hi-hat and 3 cymbals
3-zone snare and cymbals are supported
4 Outputs
Line In
USB for transferring data
Professional sounds made by famous drummers
Sounds are multilayered for unparalleled sound quality and playing feel
Trig and play along to loops – freely assignable to any trigger input
Play along to WAV song files or metronome or connect your media player to the Line In socket
Comes with our Kit- and Sound-Editor (Windows and Mac) to create own Kits and to download own
sounds and loops
Trigger inputs accept the majority of triggers based on Piezo- and switch technology*
Advanced control features enable triggering functions such as start/stop loops or metronome
Switching Kits up and down are freely assignable to any of the 15 trigger inputs
Multi plug AC power supply 100-240V


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