Ludwig – Acrolite Classic Hammered – 14”x6,5” Aluminum Snare

CHF 690.00


Ludwig – Acrolite Classic Hammered – 14”x6,5” Aluminum Snare

Ludwig’s (the famous firm based in Monroe, North Carolina, USA) expertise in keyboards is truly impressive, and this is a perfect example. Originally introduced in 1963 as a study snare drum (that’s how high-level the manufacturing is), the Ludwig Acrolite quickly became the choice of professionals looking for a dry and crisp snare sound.

The Acrolite has been reintroduced in its original splendor, with a seamless brushed aluminum shell, while proudly displaying a blue/olive badge. This snare is also available with a smooth shell, but this is the hammered version, adding more complex harmonies to its sound. The ultimate Ludwig sound at a more affordable price than the black beauty, classy!


LM405K Hammered Shell
1.6mm Seamless Aluminum Shell
2.3mm Steel Triple Flanged Hoops
P88AC Throw Off
P35P Butt Plate
Ludwig Weather Master Medium Coated Head
Ludwig Weather Master Clear Snare Side Head
10 Twin Lugs
Blue/Olive Badge

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