Ludwig – Vistalite Tequila Sunrise

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Ludwig – Vistalite Tequila Sunrise

Tequila! A kit of legend makes its entrance in the shop. And what a kit, an atomic bomb! As famous for its attack as for its crystal clear appearance, the Vistalite is an incredible experience, both sonically and visually. Handcrafted in the United States since 1972, Ludwig Vistalite drums are used and coveted by the world’s greatest musicians. The shells are all 6mm thick acrylic with reinforced seams, 45 degree bearing edges for high sustain and a clean attack. This kit has the ability to work without restriction over a wide range of tunings. Make your voice heard and remembered with the Vistalite series drums!


BD 24″x14″- Tom 13″x09″- Floor Tom 16″x16″- Floor Tom 18 “x18”

6mm all Acrylic shells

Bearing edges 45°

Tequila Sunrise finish

triple flanged hoops

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