DW – Frequent Flyer Design Series – Gloss White – Second Hand

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DW – Frequent Flyer – Gloss White – Second-hand

THE 2023 best buy at the store.
Compact kits are all the rage these days, but optimizing space without sacrificing big sound is a real headache. Many solutions exist to solve the equation, and DW has also successfully tackled it….! And what a result! The 20 “x12” fat-case, under the expert guidance of Peter Eskine who helped create this series, is absolutely ultimate for the “fat-compact” compromise. And the rest of the kit complements it superbly! All in maple, the shells swell like their mastodon-sized compatriots.
Second-hand kit, barely used, it’s as good as new! Unfortunately, the snare drum is missing, but with the purchase of this kit we’re offering a superb vintage Sonor 14 “X6.5″ steel snare drum in perfect condition. At this price, an opportunity to be seized urgently!


20×12″ BD, 12×8″ TT, 14×11″ FT, 14×5” SD not included (Sonor vintage SD steel shell 14 “x6,5” included instead)
Shell made of 8 plies of selected North American Maple with Gloss White finish
HVLT shell construction
Chrome hardware
DW STM Tom mount
True Pitch tension rods
DW heads made by Remo USA

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