Tama – Superstar Classic – Dark Red Sparkle

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Tama – Superstar Classic – Dark Red Sparkle

Honouring a long-standing heritage, the Superstar Classic series continues the tradition with a modern take on the historic models. Featuring a 100% maple shells and the hardware that made this model famous in the 70’s (including the famous Star-Mount tom holder system), the Superstar Classic offers incredible sound and quality for this line at such an affordable price. Take your drumming to the next level on a budget, this kit is for you!


T 10″x7″, T 12″x8″,FT 14″x14″, BD 20″x16″, SD 14″x5,5″

All Maple Shells, 6ply 5mm / BD 8ply 7mm

Bearing edges 45°

Dark Red Sparkle Wrap finish

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