Slingerland-Vintage 70 Era Chrome Over Wood-Second Hand

CHF 3,500.00

Slingerland-Vintage 70 Era Chrome Over Wood-Occasion

Great early 1970’s Slingerland (the legendary brand from Niles, Illinois) drum set, coming into the shop. If you like vintage pieces, this is the instrument for you! With its all maple 5-ply shells surrounded by a chrome ply, it has an absolutely sexy and flashy look. All restored in the store, it is in good condition, despite some stubborn wear. A real collector’s item! Hardware included.


BD22″-T12″-T13″-FT16″-SD 14 “x5″(all steel shell,10 lugs)
5 plys all maple shells
Chrome over Wood
Included Slingerland 1x Bass drum pedal, 2x Slingerland straight cymbal, 1x Slingerland ho-hat stand
Included as well Ludwig Atlas snare stand

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